Kaleo's 5k Recap and July Training in Review

On Sunday I ran Kaleo’s 5k in Carmichael, CA. I was really excited for this race because the peak elevation was 50ft. I have been wondering if elevation really does affect performance. Here in Reno, I train and usually race at 5000ft. Max and I made a weekend trip to Sacramento for the race. It was a short, but fun trip. We ate at this awesome restaurant that is unique to the Sacramento area called Brookfield’s. They had the most amazing garlic fries I have ever tasted. I was expecting fries covered in garlic salt, but this were covered with olive oil and actual garlic. Needless to say, I was definitely in need of some Orbit Gum (for that nice clean feeling, no matter what). After dinner we saw Guardians of the Galaxy. AMAZING MOVIE!!! It was funny, action packed, and super cheesy. I loved every second of it.
On the day of the race, I woke up and went down to the free breakfast the hotel offered. I was a little bummed because my race morning breakfasts are usually incredibly plain. I opted for a piece of toast and some apple juice. I was bummed because this was one of the awesome hotel free breakfasts with waffles and pancakes, etc. I showed up to the race about 45 mins early in order to get my bib and warm up. I was a good runner and actually warmed up for a full 20mins prior (usually my warm-up consists of about 5 mins of slow running…the end), and I included dynamic stretches and even 4 100m strides. I have a bad habit of judging my competition and while warming up I saw 2 other runners stretching dynamically and running pickups as well. One was a man and the other a woman and they were both super fit looking.
At the start line, those 2 runners were lined up right at the front. When the gun went off, I kept repeating to myself, don’t go out too fast. I settled into a comfortable pace for the first maybe .25mi until I glanced at my watch and saw that comfortable pace was 8:47 min/mi. Since I was hoping to PR in the low elevation, I knew that pace wouldn’t cut it. I picked up the pace a little and fell in perfect stride with a man right in front of me. I looked down at my watch again and saw 7:38 min/mi and I thought, what the heck, let’s see how long I could stay with him. I ran the first to miles directly behind him. Right after mile 3 started I noticed he was starting to slow, I was still feeling pretty good, so I passed him and tried to work on catching a man in a bright yellow shirt who was a ways ahead of me. This last mile was tough. I had to do a lot of self-talk to keep myself going at the same pace. With about a quarter mile left, I started closing in on the guy in the yellow shirt, I knew I had less than 2 minutes left of running and thought, I can do anything for 2 minutes. I stepped on the gas and passed him. I kept that final pace all the way to the finish line.
I have to say, I was very proud of myself for this race. I really wanted to slow down for most of the race, but I was able to keep going. I do believe if that man that I paced for most of the race wasn’t there, I would have slowed, but I was determined to keep with him. The result? A brand new shiny PR! I dropped exactly one minute off of my last PR. I came in at 23:46 which is 7:39min/mi. I was hoping to come up with an age group award with that time, but there were some pretty fast people in this race. Including the 2 runners I saw warming up earlier. I think they got 1st and 2nd overall. The women placed 2nd overall with a time of 17:XX. Crazy!
Official Stats:
Time: 23:46
26/171 overall
10/114 female
7/23 in AG
As far as my training went for the month of July, not so good, I fell short of my weekly mileage goals every week. It has been very rainy here this month so I had to do a lot of treadmill running, and unfortunately, I can only run on a treadmill for so long before I want to shoot myself. Also, with having class on Saturdays, I am unable to go as far for my long runs as I planned on. Also the class interferes with my Tuesday and Thursday runs. I just haven’t worked out a plan to get all my runs in. I am a little worried about the upcoming 10miler in 2 weeks. I am definitely not as prepared as I should be. I did get a new PR for the mile, 6:37! I never thought I’d see a 6min pace for me in anything. So that’s pretty awesome.
Total Miles: 90.8mi
Peak weekly mileage: 7/14/2014-7/20/2014 (28.8mi)
Longest Run: 11.3mi
Average Pace: 10:11 min/mi
Races: 1
Truckee Firecracker Mile – 6:37 - PR
Lesson(s) learned
  • Sometimes you have to sacrifice in order to stay on schedule
  • Juggling work, school, personal life, and running is a lot harder than I thought it’d be
Plans for August:
Arrive at the 10 miler injury free and enjoy the race. Don’t stress too much about time. I have no other races I am signed up for, so I would like to return to building a stronger aerobic base for running.
Upcoming August Races: 1
Reno 10 Miler – 8/17/2014

Walk, Jog, Run for Prevention Race Recap

Friday, July 11, 2014 | | Be the first to comment!

On June 14th, I ran the 4th Annual Walk, Jog, Run for prevention in Minden. The race theme was superheroes. This was the first themed race I have ever run so I was a little excited. The first thing I did was Google female superheroes. I wanted someone that I could duplicate easily, and whose costume would be practical to run in (to me that means no capes, long sleeve shirts, or any accessory I would have to carry with me). I decided on Ms. Marvel! 
Never heard of her huh? Well neither had I. I think she is about to make it big though as there is rumors about her being in the next Avengers movie. Her costume was simple, plus her superpowers are super human: strength, speed, stamina, and durability. Those are all great powers to run a great race!

I signed up for this race because one of my friends who moved to Vegas and recently started running was going to be in Reno and wanted to run a race. He is a Spiderman/Marvel maniac.
I look just like her huh?
OK,  maybe not. 
On race morning, I could tell it was going to be a tough race for me regardless of the course or weather. My legs felt sluggish and like lead. I had signed up for the 10k because that’s what my friend was running and I wanted to see if EFAST had helped me improve my 10k time, but I knew a PR would not be in the cards for me today. The first thing I did when I arrived at the race was transfer to the 5k race. At least I would only have to muddle through 3.1 miles rather than the 6. I am so glad I chose to do that, because not only was the course downhill on the way out, and then uphill on the way back, but it was hot, and my legs and lungs decided to throw a fit.

Usually the first mile of the race is the easiest because I’ve got all the adrenaline I am able to plow right through it. Not the case today. From the first step I took until the very last step was pure struggle. My breathing was out of control. It was super quick and shallow. My legs were slapping the pavement so hard I thought I was creating craters with every step. The only amusing part of the race was listening to spectators try to guess which superhero I was trying to imitate.

I finished in 26:43, which wasn’t my worst race but with all the speed training I have been doing I was expecting to blow my old times out the water. Besides the miserableness of running, it still turned out to be somewhat fun. It was awesome cheering on my friend who got a PR. He came in at 51:XX which is my goal time for the 10k. Part of me wishes I would have just sucked it up and tried to run with him to reach my goal. But, perhaps another time.

June in Review

Just when I thought I was improving on this blog thing, I mess it up and wait over a month for a new post. Oops! Last month was all about me joining the EFAST run team, which to date I am no longer a part of L. When I first started running with them I thought I was taking a step backwards in my running. Running because more difficult than it was when I first started. My legs were always heavy and tired. My race times were declining, and then suddenly, just like that, everything stopped hurting, my legs felt light as light as air, and I became faster. I am not able to continue with the team because I just started a medical assisting class that is tailored for working professionals. This basically means, the time I used to go running after work, is now the time I spend in class. So, it didn’t make any sense to keep paying for something I wouldn’t be able to do.
My mileage in June was very low. With all of the stiff leg muscles I had going on, I found it hard to complete scheduled runs, and I took more days off than I normally would. This was probably my worst running month in terms of how I felt and mileage in a long time.
 I ran 2 races in June; I plan on doing race recaps for both of them, because in my mind, they both taught me great lessons that would be too long for just one post. In short, the 5k I did on the 29th, I ended up running a 2nd loop when we were only supposed to run it once and I dropped out of the 10k I had planned for the 14th and switched to the 5k.
Total Miles: 70.1mi
Peak weekly mileage: 6/16/14-6/22/14 (28.4mi)
Longest Run: 8.3mi
Average Pace: 9:57min/mi
Races: 2
Walk, Jog, Run for Prevention – 6/14 – 26:43
Reno 5000 Race #2 6/29: 31:50 (accidently ran more of the course than I should have, total distance was 3.67mi)

Lesson(s) learned

  • Sometimes you have to break your body down completely, and get yourself out of a rut to see true improvement.
  • Trust your instincts and pre-course running when it comes to following a race course.
  • My body is capable of more than I think it is.
Plans for July:
I am running the Reno 10miler in August (the race I DNF last year) and that is my main focus. I just want to be strong and ready for that race. It is going to be very hard juggling full time work, school and running but as long as I prioritize, I know I can do it.

Upcoming July Races: 1

Firecracker Mile 7/4 – 6:37 PR!